About me. Katia White editorial food photographer and food stylist, Dallas, TX

Hi! I’m Katia, the girl behind the camera

It all began with a cake. A delicious pound cake and a humble 3-megapixel camera. I was going through a divorce and desperately needed a new experience to occupy my thoughts and hands. That’s how I unexpectedly discovered a whole new world of food. I’ve started reading about food, binge-watching British cooking shows, and above all — cooking, eating, and feeding my family and friends. Eventually, I started to take pictures of the food I cooked and then went out there to share the recipes on my blog.

I worked as a sociologist and lived with my parents in Minsk, Belarus. Little did I know that this food exploration would lead me to a new passion, a new love, and a new beginning in a country across the ocean.  

I now live in the Dallas area, Texas with my husband and a little daughter. 

I find endless inspiration in the light, colors, shapes, and flavors of food, as well as the beauty of nature, good movies, paintings, books, handmade ceramics, and “crazy” people who are very passionate about what they are doing. 

When I’m not in my home studio or spending time with family and friends I enjoy reading sci-fi books, dabbling in learning Italian, and doing some urban and botanical sketching. 

Random facts about me:

1. I’m a tea girl. I love the coffee aroma but almost never drink it. When I do, I prefer black.

2. My guilty pleasure food is instant noodles and Pringles. The guilty pleasure movie is Legally Blond. Sometimes I enjoy them at the same time.

3. All the food I shoot is real. 

4. I love food styling as much as I do photography.

5. I was a natural light girl for the most part of my food photography journey and still love it.

6. Some podcasts I love: Huberman Lab, Texas Wine, 99% Invisible, The Allusionist, Rationally Speaking, and Reasonably Sound.

7. When I work at my studio I always have some music on.